Welcome to the new Leeds Cultural Investment Programme

The new Leeds Cultural Investment Programme replaces the arts@leeds and Leeds Inspired funding schemes building on the strengths of these long running programmes, retaining opportunities for project funded and for revenue funded activity.

The programme will provide funding opportunities for both creative individuals and organisations.

We will continue to promote cultural funding opportunities city-wide.

As with any new programme, we may not have everything right at first and we look to the independent sector for feedback to help us continually improve these programmes in the future.

The independent cultural sector in the city is an important part of ‘Team Leeds’ and, alongside the Council’s own directly delivered cultural services, makes significant contribution to our Best City Ambition. Following extensive consultation with artists and arts organisations, the Leeds Cultural Investment Programme (LCIP) has been developed to align the city’s investment in culture with the Best City Ambition

The new programme will provide more flexibility and agency to artists and arts organisations. Access to the investment funds will support city readiness for the legacy of LEEDS 2023.

In 2024 we will launch a new cultural impact survey. This will allow us to evidence the benefits of culture to Leeds and support us to tell the story of how culture has a vital impact. Funded individuals and organisations will be required to complete the survey as a condition of funding.

A set of Priorities and Principles have been co-produced with the creative sector to underpin the new programme. These gained over 75% approval in a public consultation and were approved by Leeds City Council Executive Board in June 2023. The new Principles and Priorities have shaped Leeds Cultural Investment programme and will help us to assess and award funds.

Click HERE to hear Ann Wishart, Grants Programme Manager talk through the new Cultural Investment Programme. 



To value culture as a golden thread that runs through the Leeds Best City Ambition and contributes to all three of its pillars for 2030:
- Health and Wellbeing
- Inclusive Growth
- Zero Carbon


To ensure everyone who calls Leeds home should have the opportunity to engage in high quality creative and cultural activity


To champion the creative diversity of our people and communities

Culture and creativity

To use culture and creativity to tell our stories to the world and to maintain our city (and region) as a great place to live, work and grow



Encourage creative ambition and excellence

Public benefits

Ensure City Council funds are used for public benefit and all funded activity will contribute to the Best City Ambition

Local impact

Support individuals as well as organisations, small projects as well as large ones and activities with local impact alongside those with national and international reach


Reflect the growing diversity of the city and foster creativity in every community


Encourage organisations to work mutually, with generosity and in collaboration and to support individual artists and freelancers to develop their practice and careers in Leeds

Grow investment

Work together with the cultural sector to maximise opportunity and grow investment for culture and creativity in Leeds


Make funding guidance clear, easy to understand, accessible and inclusive. To make monitoring consistent and proportionate to the level of funds awarded


Make decisions based on open applications, share data on decisions openly and use monitoring data gathered to inform future funding


Apply for funding

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