Aims & Objectives

If the city is to become the best, and culture is its tool by which to do so, we must consider how culture looks and feels when it is at its best.

The Culture Strategy for Leeds 2017-2030 aims to: 

  • Change perceptions and attitudes towards culture and the arts, moving the focus from what they cost to what they create.  

  • Ensure that culture is celebrated, runs through our DNA and is inextricably linked to who are we and what we do.  

  • Value and respect artists and creativity considering both vital to the growth and prosperity of Leeds and ensuring that they are promoted as part of our diverse economy.  

  • Become open to the cultures of the world, internationally connected, and play an active role in shaping global policy and leadership. 

  • Embrace and celebrate the differences in our communities, inviting artists and thinkers from all corners of the world to sit alongside us, and find new connections with Leeds.   

We want this strategy to lead to benefits for everyone in Leeds, from residents, businesses, politicians and policy makers, to school children and those enjoying retirement.

The objectives of this strategy are: 

  • For the city to value and prioritise cultural activity, utilising it as a means of improving the quality of life experienced by every person and every community in Leeds.  

  • For culture to build respect, cohesion and coexistence between and within communities and individuals.  

  • For people, whatever their background, to be supported to be creative through school, informal learning, training, volunteering and employment, ensuring that culture can be created and experienced by anyone. 

  • For Leeds to be nationally and internationally recognised as a liveable city, and a thriving, internationally connected cultural hub open to collaboration.  

  • For Leeds to be at the forefront of cultural innovation, making the most of new and emerging technologies.  

  • For the culture sector to grow and increase its contribution to Leeds’ economy, by placing culture at the heart of the city’s narrative.  

  • For established cultural organisations to be resilient, and to create an environment where new cultural organisations can flourish. 

Important Information