Delivery Plan

Now that we know our challenges and opportunities, we must collectively create a Delivery Plan for how we will respond to them.

The plan will set out how we will deliver on the commitments made in this strategy and who will lead each project, from individuals doing their bit for their community, to global organisations based in Leeds and public sector services, we will all have a part to play.

We cannot predict the future so as we design and deliver the ideas and solutions in the Delivery Plan, we will constantly challenge ourselves, respond to the world unfolding around us, try to influence those changes and adapt the strategy to make sure it is continually fit for purpose for the full 13 years of its term.

We will know we have been successful when people no longer question the value of culture; when a new project comes together and culture has a seat at the table from the start; when culture in its many forms is represented at leadership forums and debates that are not specifically related to culture; when our city is known for its vast and varied cultural life alongside its strong retail and professional services story; when nobody is asked to create outstanding work for free; and when there is outrage at the mere suggestion that culture is something that we can live without.

Important Information